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Debbie Campbell’s Musicals are carefully researched and entertaining, with distinctive and varied songs and dances. Cross-curricular subjects include Literature, History, PSHE, Science and Environment. Five Debbie Campbell Musicals were commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Diverse themes and topics make them suitable for all occasions, including Christmas, Harvest, Halloween, End of Year and Leavers’ Concerts. Suitable for Primary, Elelmentary and Lower Secondary Schools and Theatre Groups, (Keystages 2 and 3) they are adaptable for mixed ages and abilites. 

Ocean Commotion

Sea creatures rescue a dolphin!


Seafood takeaway!

One Planet Future

How we can all care for our Earth!


A Busy Day in the Garden!

Rainbow Spectacular

Colours mix to put on a great show!


Rainforest Creatures to the Rescue!


Think of Tomorrow's World

The Bumblesnouts Save the World

Aliens teach Earthlings a lesson!

The First Kids in Space

A Show about Space Exploration

The Little Donkey Who Said Yes!

The Nativity described by the stable animals